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Rent vs. Buy

The following article is for customers looking to rent from CasaOne. 

Why should I choose to rent over buying?

Renting from CasaOne means you're not paying thousands of dollars to furnish your home all at once. Keep money in your pocket for the things that matter and pay for your furniture over time with affordable monthly payments.

What is the quality of the furniture like? 

CasaOne offers high-quality furniture from popular brands. Everything we deliver ranges from ‘gently used’ to ‘brand new’ in condition. You can be rest assured that every item is thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and quality-checked before being delivered to your home.  

Other benefits of renting include:

More "you time" on the weekend

No more waiting in line to shop, tricky instruction manuals, or bruised thumbs. We deliver, assemble, and clean up everything for you. You can even collaborate with interior designers and choose your furniture without ever leaving home.

Try it before you buy it

Not sure if you'll love what you bring home? Renting furniture gives you the flexibility to try it before you buy it. Once it's home, you'll have the option to buy anything you're renting from us! You're in the driver's seat.

Level up your space

Are you dreaming of having that premium mid-century modern sectional sofa but think it's too expensive for right now? Renting allows you to level up your space with low upfront costs and affordable monthly payments. Why settle for less?

Help reduce waste

Forget leaving your furniture on the sidewalk or finding a buyer to sell it for at a fraction of what you paid. We'll pick up your furniture for you and take care of the rest.