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Rental Terms and Lease Agreement

The following article is for customers looking to rent from CasaOne. 

Do you have a minimum or maximum rental term?

The minimum rental term is 1 month. There is no maximum rental term. You can select the term closest to your expected term. We can also extend your rental term for as long as you need to! Do note that extensions are subject to credit review. 

Does my rental term affect my monthly rental fee?

Your monthly rental fee may vary based on the term you choose. Simply select the duration on our website to see the monthly rent applicable for any product.

I’d like to rent furniture for a period that’s not shown on the slider. How do I proceed?

Simply select the closest term that is shorter than your desired term. We can extend your order as long as you need to! Please note, for a 2-month order, you will be asked to pay the 2nd month’s rental fee upfront, at the time of placing the order.

What is the minimum rental fee for any given term?

The minimum rental fee per month is as follows:

You can still checkout without meeting the minimum rental fee per month by opting for a monthly “Cart Fulfillment Fee” at checkout. The applicable cart fulfillment fee will be calculated as follows:

Minimum rental fee per month for the selected term - Total monthly rental value of furniture in a cart

Example: Let's say the furniture in your cart costs $70/month and you want to rent for 12 months. The minimum rental fee for a 12-month term is $79. The applicable monthly cart fulfillment fee will be calculated as follows:

Cart fulfillment fee = $79 - $70 = $9/mo.

Is there a Lease Agreement for a rental order?

Yes. The Lease Agreement will be shared with you electronically once your order is placed and your credit check is complete. This agreement is a legally binding document that safeguards your interests as well as ours.

The agreement needs to be signed by 8am the business day before the delivery. If CasaOne does not receive the signed agreement, we may have to postpone the delivery of the order. Please note that any modifications in your order will result in a new lease agreement.

Can I terminate my subscription early?

You can terminate your subscription early by opting for Early Termination Protection during checkout. Please refer to the Early Termination Protection section below for more details.

If you haven’t opted for Early Termination Protection, you will have to pay the complete rental amount for the term you initially selected for your rental order. 

If you want to terminate your subscription before your term expires, please write to us at at least 15 days before your desired pickup date.

Can I extend my rental term?

Yes, absolutely. Let us know 15 days before the end of your subscription by writing to us at and we’ll be happy to help you.

The order can be extended on a month-to-month basis. The same monthly rental shall be applicable for the extended term. Extensions are subject to credit approval.