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Delivery Options

The following article is for customers looking to rent from CasaOne.  

What are my delivery options?

CasaOne offers two types of delivery: White-Glove Delivery and Curbside Delivery

When checking out, you’ll have the option to select your preferred delivery type. You may only select one delivery type for all items in your order. 

White-Glove Delivery

Our signature style - we’ll deliver, unpack, assemble, and arrange your furniture so it’s 100% ready to enjoy! Our team will wear proper PPE (Personal Protection Equipment such as masks and gloves) and maintain safe social distancing as much as possible. 

The CasaOne team will assemble furniture like beds, chairs, sofas, etc. Our crew will not be able to install TVs or decor items like wall art that require wall mounting. The average installation time is about 60 minutes for a set of the living room and bedroom furniture. It varies depending on the number of items and ease of access to your home.

If you live in an apartment, be sure to check with your building to determine if you need a Certificate of Insurance or if your building requires elevator reservations. If so, be sure to communicate that to our support team at least two business days in advance by emailing us at support@casaone.com

White-Glove Delivery also includes White-Glove Pickup so you can expect the same full-service experience at the end of your subscription. 

Curbside Delivery

We’ll deliver your furniture by the curb or on your driveway outside your home so you can take additional social distancing measures. Curbside does not include assembly. 

You’ll receive a delivery questionnaire when you schedule the delivery of your order. Please be sure to notate the exact location at which you want our team to deliver your items. The more detailed, the better. If you live in an apartment, the delivery will take place outside the apartment building in the building’s driveway/loading dock or on the sidewalk outside the building.

Your furniture may be delivered unassembled in its original packaging or it may be delivered pre-assembled. Pre-assembled items will be unwrapped and any blankets belonging to CasaOne will be removed. Please be sure you have extra blankets, if required, to safely transport the furniture into your home. 

Please note that Curbside Delivery also requires Curbside pickup, so all products need to be disassembled and brought out to the curb at the time of pickup. If you wish to upgrade your pickup service, you can notify our support team when scheduling your pickup. 

*Curbside is only available for Individual (Personal/ Residential) orders.

Can I get curbside delivery if I live in an apartment building?

Yes. The delivery will take place outside the apartment building in the building’s driveway/loading dock or on the sidewalk outside the building. You’ll need to provide specific instructions when scheduling your delivery.

Can I change my delivery option before my furniture is delivered?

Yes. You can upgrade from Curbside to White-Glove if you notify us at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled delivery time. Please note that you will not be able to change your delivery from White-Glove to Curbside because of the logistical arrangements made for White-Glove orders as soon as they are placed. 

Do I have to be present at the time of delivery?

Yes. You will have to be present when our team delivers your order. CasaOne also requires a (contactless) signature from you.

We will also accept a (contactless) signature from a family member or another designated person at your request. Please let us know if someone else is signing off on your delivery 24 hours prior to the scheduled delivery. 

Can I choose multiple delivery options for the same order?

No. You will have to choose one delivery option per order.

How much do delivery and assembly cost?

Our delivery and assembly prices vary depending on the number of items in your order and the length of your rental term. Check out our article on Delivery and Assembly Fees for more details. 

Can I get my furniture assembled by a third party?

If you find that you need help assembling furniture after you have chosen curbside delivery, CasaOne will be happy to assist you. In this case, we require you to contact us about the assembly needs and not reach out to a third party. This way, we can ensure the level of assembly quality.