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Discounts, Coupons, and Wallet Redemption

The following article is for customers looking to rent from CasaOne.  

What are the types of discounts and offers available? 

You can place either a prepaid order or a monthly rental order with CasaOne to enjoy the following discounts: 

  • Upfront payment discount - 10% off the total rental amount. 
    • How is the discount applied? 
      • If you select Pay Upfront while placing your order, the discount is auto-applied on the cart page when you choose the prepaid option. Please note- Additional coupons cannot be applied on top of this discount. 
      • For a monthly rental order that is converted to a Pay Upfront order after the order has been placed, you'll get a 10% discount refunded to you 7 days after the order has been delivered. 
  • Coupon discount - Coupons advertised on the website.
    • How is the discount applied? 
      • You can apply the discount code while checking out. You can apply only one discount code on your order. 
  • Flexible Scheduling - If you opt for flexible scheduling, you will get a $50 refund when your order is delivered. 
    • How is the discount applied?
      • For online prepaid & monthly rental orders, $50 is refunded after your order has been delivered. 
  • Wallet Redemption:- Customers get $25 off in their wallet when they prequalify. 
    • How is it applied
      • For online prepaid and monthly rental orders, the wallet discount gets auto-applied on the cart page. If you have another coupon to use, the additional discount will be applied on top of the wallet discount. 

What are the Maximum discounts that can be applied to my order?

Monthly rental orders: The maximum discount that you can use will never be more than your monthly rental amount for a single month. If you have already applied a discount more than your monthly rental, CasaOne can refuse any further discounts.