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Order & Delivery

Understand how to place an order when you buy upfront or enable 0% APR monthly payments from CasaOne. 

How do I place an order if I want to opt for the 0% APR financing solution or buy from CasaOne?  

1. Share your information

  • Select your nearest city or enter your zip code to confirm if CasaOne delivers to your location. 
  • Select your Payment Type - Furniture selection, the credit check process, and delivery options may vary based on your selection so it’s important to choose the right one.

2. Check out our selection of furniture across various categories

  • Add items to your cart.

3. Checkout to proceed to the next step

4. You can choose between 2 payment options

5. Select a convenient payment method

6. Make your payment to confirm your order and reserve your inventory

  • You’ll receive a notification that your order has been confirmed once your payment goes through

How do you deliver the furniture? What does it cost?

For a limited time, enjoy free white-glove delivery on all orders (0% APR/Buying upfront)! 

We’ll deliver your furniture in-house, assemble it for you, place it wherever you like it, and clear away all the packing material so you can start enjoying it immediately. 

How soon can you deliver?

We deliver in as quickly as 3-5 business days after your credit application has been approved. You can check your eligibility now and get pre-qualified for 0% APR to enjoy faster delivery.

How do I schedule my delivery when I buy from CasaOne?

Once your credit application has been approved, you can choose between 3 different dates that are closest to the date you prefer. Our delivery team will get in touch with you 48 hours before the earliest date to confirm your delivery schedule.

Do you have a minimum order value?

Yes, you can checkout for a minimum order value of $300.