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CasaOne Wallet

The following article is for customers looking to rent from CasaOne.

What are CasaOne Dollars?

Any rewards and cashback you receive from CasaOne will be in the form of CasaOne Dollars that are added to your wallet and are redeemable at checkout. 1 CasaOne Dollar = $1.

How can I redeem CasaOne Dollars?

CasaOne Dollars can be redeemed at checkout. Your Dollars will be automatically applied at the cart page under Payable Now. The value of your Dollars will be deducted from your order value.

How do I earn CasaOne Dollars?

You can get CasaOne Dollars by completing actions on the CasaOne website. Click here to learn more. 

Do CasaOne Dollars have an expiry date?

No. They are valid forever.

Is there a minimum order value required to redeem CasaOne Dollars?

You will need to either meet CasaOne’s standard minimum order value to check out or pay a Cart Fulfillment Fee to check out with a smaller order. You can redeem your CasaOne Dollars in either of these instances, regardless of what the final order value will be.

Is there a limit to how many CasaOne Dollars I can redeem at a time?

No, there is no limit.

Can CasaOne Dollars be used along with existing discounts or coupons?

Absolutely. You can combine a valid coupon or existing discount with the discount you get from redeeming CasaOne Dollars and enjoy bigger savings!

Can I withdraw CasaOne Dollars as cash?

No. These CasaOne Dollars can be used only for transactions you make on the CasaOne website.

Can I gift CasaOne Dollars?

No, you won’t be able to gift CasaOne Dollars at this time.