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Design Services

Why should I choose CasaOne’s design services?

If you’re unsure about what furniture to choose, or whether a particular piece will fit well in your space, then this is for you. We’ll create realistic visualizations of the furniture in your home so you can see how it looks and how well it fits before renting it. Using wish lists, mood boards, and consultations, we can also help you find your personal style, and design a space you can’t wait to live in!

How long will the process take?

After submitting the details we need, you will receive the final design in 7-9 business days.

Will I get to talk to the designer directly?

Absolutely! Our designer will reach out to you to understand your needs better and create a personalized home design you’ll love.

I have specific requirements for my space in mind. Can I share them too?

Definitely! We’ll accommodate your specifications as much as possible. You can share these with us under the ‘Additional Comments’ tab after starting a project, or share them with your designer directly during the consultation.

What happens after I receive the design?

Love the design? You can add the furniture used in the visualization directly to your cart so you can furnish your real-life space with it. You can also share the design with friends, family, or another designer. If you’re not thrilled, we can make a one-time modification to the design based on your feedback.

How does it work? What are the delivery timelines like?

Once you purchase a plan from our Design Services, we will get in touch with you within the next 24 - 48 hours. We’ll schedule a call to discuss all your preferences, expectations, likes, dislikes, and everything we need to know from you to create your ideal space plan. In the next two days, you will receive a design concept from us, and then we will schedule another call to make changes to the concept and finalize the render. Then, you will receive either a 3D-render or a 360-degree walkthrough (depending on your plan), within 2 -4 days. You can go ahead and place an order for the selected items on our website after this! 

What are the timelines like?

From the first discussion to the final design, the whole process should take about 7-9 days. 

What about assembly and installation?

Like all our deliveries, you can schedule a date and choose from two options for delivery: white-glove and curbside. With White-Glove delivery, our signature style, we will unpack, assemble, and clean up after. With Curbside delivery, we will deliver your furniture by the curb or on your driveway outside your home so you can practice safe social distancing. In the case of Curbside delivery, we will not assemble the furniture. However, we do offer installation guides for all the products in your order. 

Can I get pre-qualified to rent before using CasaOne’s design services?

Yes of course! You can pre-qualify even before you begin the process, and the earlier the better. Once you get pre-qualified, your order will be processed as soon as you checkout. You can begin the process by giving us your details here. If you have more questions about pre-qualification, you can read here.

I’ve already placed an order, can I add design services to my order?

We’re always happy to work things out in your favor! And if the timelines permit, we’ll be happy to deliver both orders together. Do note that it takes at least 2-5 days to complete the design and render.