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Credit Checks for Stagers

The following article is for customers looking to rent from CasaOne. 

Does CasaOne do credit checks on Stagers?

We conduct a credit check on any staging order that is longer than 3 months. We find that this time frame covers the vast majority of our staging customers. 

What does the credit check look like for longer-term orders?

For stagers looking to rent for longer than 3 months, we will need to see income statements from your staging business.

Can I prepay to avoid this credit check as well?

Absolutely! You can prepay your rental.

Iā€™m considering working with you, but will need to know my credit decision soon, can I also prequalify?

Yes, you can. Please write to us at support@casaone.com with the summary details of your project, and we can let you know what we need!