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CasaOne for Stagers

The following article is for customers looking to rent from CasaOne.

I am a stager. Can I rent furniture from CasaOne?

Yes, absolutely. CasaOne works with stagers across the SF Bay Area, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, New Jersey, the DC Metro Area, Philadelphia, Connecticut, and San Diego. You can find a list of all the locations we deliver to right here. Please note that the website terms and conditions are for residential/individual use and not for commercial use.

What is the minimum rental term?

Our minimum rental term is 1 month.

What happens if the staged home sells early?

If a staged home sells early, you can either have the furniture moved to a different location or terminate your subscription early. In the first case, we can help you relocate for a flat rate of $299. Please note, only one relocation is allowed per subscription. 

If you choose to terminate your subscription, you will still be liable for the remaining charges due per your lease agreement. For orders 3-months or longer, you may opt for Early Termination Protection. See our section on Early Termination Protection for more details. 

My subscription is ending soon. What are my options?

We’ve got you covered! 15 days before your rental term ends, you will receive an automated subscription ending email alert. You can use that link to update your choice for each of the items you’re renting. You can either extend the rental term, buy the item (and get rewarded), or schedule a pickup to return the item. You can also send us an email at any point in time, and we’ll help you extend your rental term.

I’m done picking furniture for staging, what else can I rent from CasaOne?

We’re always expanding here at CasaOne and in addition to furniture, we now offer appliances, electronics, housewares, decor, and art on rent. Our selection is constantly being updated, so keep an eye out for our developing categories. 

A client spilled coffee over my rented furniture - what do I do now?  

At CasaOne, we’ve always got your back. Just send an email with as many pictures, and details as possible to support@casaone.com, and our team will help you with the next steps. If you already have an active subscription of the Furniture Protection Plan, we will evaluate the damage once it is determined that the damage is covered under FPP, and suggest a replacement, if needed. Review our articles on Damages and the Furniture Protection Plan for more details. 

What can I expect on the day of delivery?

To ensure smooth and quick delivery, we suggest that you share a floor plan with us before the scheduled day, so that the team knows what to expect. On the scheduled day of delivery, our delivery team will text you, 30 minutes prior to their arrival. The team will quickly and efficiently assemble and arrange your furniture, per your instructions. While we are sticklers for being on time, the total time required by our team will depend on the number of items that require assembly on the spot. Please note that some items will come pre-assembled. 

You have over 2000 products - where do I begin? 

If you have a particular furniture style or decor theme in mind, our style filters are a great place to start. Head to the furniture section you want and scroll down on the left to select which style best suits your taste and choose from the narrowed-down options. Our styles include:

Eclectic, Industrial, Traditional, Transitional, Mid-century Modern, and Modern & Contemporary.

Do you offer delivery on weekends?

We do not currently deliver on weekends.

How can I share a quote with my client before confirming the order? 

Our Wishlist option is a great way to shortlist items and share a quote with a prospective client, or even with your colleagues to get a second option. So go ahead and use that heart button! You can see your wishlist products when you log in to your CasaOne profile. 

Where can I find old invoices from previous orders?

You can log in to your CasaOne account, head to the ‘Profile’ section, and find your older invoices there. If you need help, you can always get in touch with our customer support team by writing to us at support@casaone.com

I like some of the items in your package - can I change the others?

While our carefully curated packages are ideal, we understand that you may want to swap one or two items. Go ahead and e-mail us at support@casaone.com and we’ll work something out for you!

The item I want seems to be out of stock. When can I expect it back in stock? 

You can e-mail our team to find out, but we can’t always confirm the timelines for when an item will be back in stock. You can always find an alternative from the 1500+ items on our website!