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Delivery and Assembly Fees


How much does delivery and assembly cost and when is it charged?

Your delivery and assembly fee will be charged as a one-time fee (on your rental order) when you make your first payment during checkout. 

To keep delivery and assembly costs fair, the fee varies based on the number of items in your order and the length of your rental term. View the tables below for details. Please note that tax will be added.



Will I be charged for disassembly and pickup of my furniture at the end of my rental term?

Your delivery and assembly fee includes the cost of pickup at the end of your term. Pickup details vary based on your selected delivery type. 

If you choose White-Glove delivery, disassembly and White-Glove pickup service are included. If you choose Curbside delivery, you will be required to disassemble your items and bring them back to the curb. You may upgrade to White-Glove pickup for an additional fee. See our article on How Furniture Pickups Work for details.