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Delivery Day

What should I expect on the delivery day?

Our delivery team will text you 30 minutes prior to their arrival. If you have chosen White-Glove Delivery, the team will quickly and efficiently assemble and arrange your furniture, per your instructions. 

If you selected Curbside delivery, we will not assemble the furniture. However, you will receive installation guides for all the products in your order via email prior to your delivery. Before our delivery team leaves, you should inspect your furniture and be sure any minor nicks or damages are noted by the delivery team on the electronic receipt before you sign.

How long does installation take?

If you choose White-Glove delivery, the average installation time is about 60 minutes for a set of living room and bedroom furniture. It varies depending on the number of items and ease of access to your home.

Will I have a chance to inspect my items before the delivery crew leaves?

Absolutely. After installing your furniture, our delivery associates will allow you 10 minutes to thoroughly inspect your items. If you notice anything, please make sure to point it out to the crew so that it is added to your delivery receipt before you sign. 

What if I notice that something is slightly damaged at the time of my delivery? 

We make a point to inspect the items before delivery, but if you do notice any damage when receiving your furniture, please notify our delivery team immediately and write to us at support@casaone.com. You wonโ€™t be charged for any damages in this situation. If required, weโ€™ll get a replacement of the same or a similar item delivered as quickly as possible. 

How long do I have to report damages?

All damages must be reported within 72 hours of your delivery. It is important to take some time to test each item and check for any minor nicks or scratches. You may be held liable for any damage reported at a later time or during your furniture pickup. See our section on Damages for more information. 

Can I change my delivery location before my order is delivered?

Yes, you can change your delivery location 48 hours before your delivery date.