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Early Termination Protection Plan

The following article is for customers looking to rent from CasaOne.

The Early Termination Plan has been retired. If you are a new customer, please see our article on the Flex Plan to learn how to get the most flexibility for your order. For customers who purchased the Early Termination Protection Plan previously, the following article has the details of the plan. 

What is an Early Termination Protection Plan?

The Early Termination Protection Plan lets you end your subscription early without having to pay for the entire rental term. We will adjust your charges to reflect your actual rental term.

What does it mean to pay for the "actual rental term"?

To keep pricing as competitive as possible, our rental pricing varies based on your rental term. If you place a 3-month order you can expect a lower monthly rent than if you select a 2-month term because you will be paying the total contract value over a longer period of time. We also offer discounts on delivery and assembly fees for longer terms. 

With Early Termination Protection, if you decide to terminate your subscription after 2 months, you'll only be charged what you would have paid if you originally selected a 2-month term, including the delivery and assembly costs for a 2-month rental. 

How is the Early Termination Charge calculated?

You will be charged the difference in monthly rates between your chosen term (term chosen at the time of your order) and the actual term (the effective term at the time of early closure). Please note that the delivery fee will also be adjusted accordingly. The additional charge due at early closure will be calculated as follows:

((Monthly rate for actual term - Monthly rate for chosen term) x Number of months of actual term) + (Delivery fee for actual term - Delivery fee for chosen term)

What if I don't have Early Termination Protection?

If you haven’t opted for Early Termination Protection and decide to terminate your subscription early, you will have to pay the rental amount for all the months left in your term, regardless of how early you want to terminate it. All Early Termination charges are due prior to your furniture pickup. 

Is the Early Termination Protection Plan mandatory or optional?

The Early Termination Protection plan is optional.

Is Early Termination Protection available if I decide to pay upfront for my entire rental term?

No. The Early Termination Protection Plan is only available for our monthly rental payment option.  


No. The Early Termination Protection Plan is only available for our monthly rental payment option.

What if I want to terminate early by purchasing all of my items? 

No problem! Just reach out to us at support@casaone.com. We'll provide the purchase price considering all the payments that you've already made towards your furniture. No early termination fees apply in this case. 

Can I add Early Termination after my delivery?

No, Early Termination Protection must be added to your order prior to your delivery.