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Extending Your Subscription

Can I extend my subscription?

Yes, you may request to extend your subscription at any point during your subscription. Extensions are subject to credit approval and you will need to sign an updated lease once approved. 

Can I extend only part of my order?

You may extend part of your order only if you have completed your initial lease term. The new monthly rental must also meet the monthly minimum rental amount. Partial extensions are still subject to credit approval. 

How do I extend my subscription?

15 days prior to your subscription end date, you’ll receive an automated email with the option to select the items you wish to extend. You’ll receive another reminder at 10 days and 5 days before your subscription end date. You may also contact us at support@casaone.com at any time to extend your subscription. 

What happens if I fail to contact CasaOne before the end of my subscription?

If you have not responded to the automated email or reached out to contact CasaOne by your subscription end date, your subscription will be automatically renewed for an additional month. 

Can I extend my subscription on a prorated basis?

We cannot do prorated extensions. Extensions will be on a monthly basis. 

If I’ve extended my subscription, can I decide to terminate it before the new subscription end date?

Unless your subscription was automatically renewed, you’ll need to sign a new lease upon agreeing to an extension. You will be subject to fulfill the lease agreement considering the new subscription end date.