What is a COI?

If you are moving in or out of your apartment, having furniture delivered, or getting some work done to your apartment, your building may require your contractor or vendor to submit a Certificate of Insurance (COI) before they can enter the premises. A COI is just proof that the business you are dealing with has insurance in case something goes wrong.

  • The COI you’ll receive from CasaOne will confirm that CasaOne has an insurance policy that covers liability and loss up to the insurance limits required by most buildings, so if anything happens while they are working in your building—such as damage or an injury—the cost of repairs or the accident is covered. 
  • The responsibility is yours to ensure you provide your building with the completed COI once you’ve received it from CasaOne. In some cases, your building may allow you to use the same COI for your pickup if it falls within a certain timeframe. You should check this ahead of your pickup and confirm with CasaOne.

How do I get a COI?

Typically, your building will have a form that is already filled out with the insurance coverage limits required. Request this from your building as soon as you schedule your delivery and email it to us at support@casaone.com. Be sure to include your Order ID in the email so we can easily identify your order. 

  • CasaOne will provide the form to our insurance company so we can create a COI specifically tailored to cover the needs of your building. Once you submit the request, you can expect your completed COI within 1-2 business days. 
  • The completed COI form then needs to be sent to your building manager or management company. Confirm with your property manager that the completed COI has been approved. If you do not have confirmation, please contact CasaOne to postpone your delivery before 8 am the business day before the delivery to avoid a rescheduling fee of $99 plus tax. 

What are the charges?

The standard COI fee charged by CasaOne is $50 plus tax. Once you request a COI, we will process the necessary charges to your card on file within 24 hours of providing you with the certificate.