About Mulberry

What is Mulberry?

CasaOne has partnered with Mulberry to offer extended warranty plans that enable customers to extend the lifetime of their products & protect against accidental damage. The Mulberry offer is available to every customer who purchases eligible products onsite at casaone.com. 

Purchasing & Onboarding

Where can I purchase the Protection Plan by Mulberry?

You're able to add the Protection Plan by Mulberry to your cart, along with the product(s) you would like covered. 

What happens after I purchase the Protection Plan by Mulberry?

Once you have purchased the Mulberry plan, you will receive a welcome email from Mulberry that includes the details of your protection plan, as well as an activation link enabling you to create login credentials to access your dedicated customer account. From the customer account, you can update your personal information, review coverage details, file claims, and transfer your plan. 

How long does the activation link stay active?

The link stays active for 1 month from the time of purchase, after which, it expires. If you click on the activation link after expiration, you will automatically receive a new activation link via email.

If you cannot find your original welcome email with the account activation link, simply contact Mulberry and they'll be able to assist. 

Do I need to do anything to register my warranty?

There is no separate registration or warranty activation required for the plan to begin; the protection plan automatically begins on the date of delivery. 

How do I update my personal information?

You are able to edit your phone number and address via your Mulberry customer account. 

For incorrect email addresses, please contact Mulberry and they will be able to make the appropriate change. 


How much does the Protection Plan by Mulberry cost?

Pricing varies depending on the product purchased; please refer to the specific product and coverage term in question. 

 Coverage Terms

When does coverage begin?

Coverage begins on the date of delivery but does not include defects in materials and workmanship until the manufacturer’s warranty expires. 

Is shipping and handling included?

Yes, Mulberry covers all shipping (and repair) costs associated with the resolution of an approved claim. 

Claims Process

How do I file a claim?

You file claims online via getmulberry.com by uploading the following information regarding your claim once logged in to the consumer dashboard:

  • Incident date
  • Photos of the damage
  • Incident description 

What happens after my claim is approved?

  • If Mulberry has determined that the damage requires repair, they will work with you to coordinate repair or will mail a repair or cleaning kit. Mulberry will repair the product up to the original retail price of the product, minus any prior claims costs already incurred.
    • If a repair technician determines that the damage is unable to be repaired, Mulberry will replace the product or will initiate a cash settlement.
  • If Mulberry has determined that the damage requires replacement, they will replace the product or will offer a cash settlement (minus any claims costs already incurred). 
    • Mulberry will cover any shipping costs associated with product replacement. 

Is there a limit to how many times I can file a claim?

The limit on the coverage is up to the original retail price of the product or up to one replacement (or cash settlement) of the product. 

Can I file a claim if the plan is not in my name?

While you will need to file claims tied to plans under your respective account, the Protection Plan by Mulberry is easily transferable! To transfer a plan, simply follow the below instructions:

  • Log in to your dedicated account at getmulberry.com/login
  • Click on the warranty they are looking to transfer
  • Scroll down to click on “Transfer”
  • Enter the following recipient information:
    • First & last names
    • Email address
    • Physical address
    • Phone number
  • Click “Review Warranty Transfer” & review the recipient’s information
  • Click “Transfer Warranty” (the recipient will then receive an email from Mulberry, notifying them that the warranty has been transferred to their name & enabling them to access their Mulberry customer account)

Common Coverage Questions*

What happens if I move to another city or state; does that affect coverage?

No! Coverage continues even if you move (within the United States). You are able to edit your address directly via your Mulberry customer account.  

What if I tried to repair my own product; does this affect coverage?

Damage resulting from unauthorized repair can void coverage. Best practice is to file a claim with Mulberry as soon as a covered incident occurs. 

Can I renew my Protection Plan by Mulberry after the plan period?

Once a plan expires, it cannot be renewed. 

Mulberry Customer Support

How do I contact Mulberry Customer Support?

Mulberry’s customer support team is available via the below channels:

  • Instant chat at getmulberry.com
  • Email at help@getmulberry.com
  • Telephone at 917-994-6394  

Does Mulberry support other languages besides English?

Their team of customer support representatives is proficient in Spanish, French, and English.

Can I cancel or return my purchase?

You may cancel your plan directly with Mulberry at any time throughout the duration of the plan. 

  • You will receive a full refund within the first 30 days of delivery.
  • Once a claim has been opened and approved on your plan, you are no longer eligible for a refund

Where can I see the terms of the Protection Plan by Mulberry?

You can view your coverage details by logging into your dedicated Mulberry account at getmulberry.com/login.