How can I easily zero in on the products I want?

Not to worry! We have several ways to help you choose the best products for yourself.


Depending on the type of furniture you need, you can use our filters to narrow down your choices. You will find varied kinds of filters on the left side of every category page you navigate to. For example, you can filter by furniture style, dimensions, seating capacity and so on, depending on the category of the furniture you’ve chosen.

Buying Guides

Questions like “What kind of a coffee table will suit my couch?” or “How far should my TV be placed from my viewing area?” are all answered in great detail. Take a look at our extensive buying guides to help you decide easily. 

Product Information

The product page is the page that pops up after you click on a particular couch or bed or any other product that’s on our website. On the top half of the page, you will find pricing & photos of the product and at the bottom, you’ll see everything from product dimensions, color, and material to other important product specifications. 


Don’t want to spend too much time or money figuring out furniture pieces for your home? We have the perfect solution for you! Check out our carefully curated packages, you can either choose by room or for your entire home all at once!