What are the different types of furniture damage that I should be aware of?

Furniture damage can include chips, dirt, stains, spots, burns, cracks, dents, and broken items. We all love our furry friends but pet hair can also be quite damaging to furniture and is included in the types of furniture damages to be aware of.

I think I may have damaged my furniture. Are there any immediate steps I can take?

Please send an email to support@casaone.com with pictures of the damaged furniture so we can help you with the next steps. 

If the damage isn’t causing any safety issues and the item is still usable, you can continue to use the item until the end of your subscription. At that time, you can determine if it’s best to return the item or purchase it. If you do not have the Furniture Protection Plan, you will likely be responsible for repair/cleaning charges. 

Will I be charged for furniture damage and how will this fee be calculated?

Yes, you will be responsible for the repair charges for damaged furniture. The way we calculate this depends on how severe the nature of the damage is. Our Furniture Technicians evaluate the damage at the warehouse, taking into consideration the type of damage and the material of the damaged item which will impact the repair costs. They will also take into consideration the length of your rental and the level of expected wear and tear. 

  • Minor to moderate damage beyond wear and tear, such as small nicks/chips, scratches, dirt, and pet fur will usually cost around $25-$45 plus tax per item.  
  • More severe damage such as deeper scratches/ chips, heavy dirt/pet fur, stains, and tears will cost around $65-$99 plus tax per item depending on the severity.  
  • Seriously damaged items that cannot be repaired due to very deep scratches/chips, unremovable stains, tears, or structural damage may result in a charge equal to the purchase price of the item.
    • If an item is returned with missing parts, you will be charged for the part if available with the manufacturer. If not, you will be responsible for the full purchase price of the item.  

Can I be exempted from paying the damage charges?

You won’t be exempted from paying damage charges because damaged furniture will need to be refurbished by our team, or maybe even replaced in some cases. However, you can choose to buy the furniture from us at the purchase price quoted by CasaOne. 

Many types of accidental damages caused during regular use of furniture are covered under the Furniture Protection Plan which you can opt to purchase when you’re placing your order.  

What is your damage inspection process like?

  1. Our delivery team will make note of any imperfections as they inspect and photograph your items at the time of pickup. The photographs are taken in your home before the furniture is disassembled so you can rest assured that you will not be held liable for damage that occurs during transit. 
  2. Please note, however, that our delivery associates DO NOT determine damage charges and cannot confirm or deny any possible charges. They are simply making notes so the items can be properly categorized when they arrive back at our warehouse for refurbishment. 
  3. After your pickup, your items will undergo a full inspection at our warehouse by our repair team. Based on the factors mentioned above, our repair team will determine the applicable charges. 
  4. Your Account Manager will contact you within 3-5 business days after your pickup to report if any damage charges apply, taking into account whether or not the charges are covered by the Furniture Protection Plan if you have signed up for it.  

Will I be informed of damages at the time of pickup?

Our delivery team will do their best to notify you of damages and they will make a note on the pickup receipt you’ll sign at the end of the pickup. As mentioned above, the delivery associates will not be able to confirm any charges. Whether you confirm the damage at the time of pickup or not, you may be responsible for damaged items returned. Please inspect your furniture before your pickup and contact us at support@casaone.com if you have any concerns.  

There is always some level of wear and tear when using furniture. Will I still be penalized in this case?

We know that there is a certain level of wear and tear that occurs with furniture usage, like washable spots, dust, and faint scratches. This applies to all materials except leather. However, in some cases where the damage is more severe, you will be charged the cost of repairing the item. That’s why CasaOne offers you the Furniture Protection Plan to cover your rented furniture from accidental damage. Damages caused by mishandling of the furniture and/or moving it without C1's prior consent will not be covered under the plan. If you haven’t opted for the FPP, write to us at support@casaone.com and we’ll get in touch with you.

I opted for the Furniture Protection Plan when I placed my order. Should I be concerned about any damage to my furniture?

The Furniture Protection Plan covers your rented furniture from accidental damage caused by regular use of the furniture. Damages caused by mishandling of the furniture and/or moving it without C1's prior consent will not be covered under the Plan. If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to us at support@casaone.com.

I already have my renter’s insurance. Will it cover the furniture I rent from CasaOne?

While property insurance is required to cover the replacement value of the items, renter’s insurance cannot be used to cover damage charges. However, you can subscribe to a Furniture Protection Plan to get coverage against damage on furniture you rent for a small monthly fee.