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What is CasaOne’s relocation policy?

If you’re looking to moving to another location during the course of your rental term, please contact us before moving the items to avoid violating your lease agreement. Please note the following:

  • You can only move your items if your new zip code falls under our serviceable zones within the same market. 
  • You must receive written approval before relocating your items. 
  • You must sign a new lease agreement with the new address prior to the move. 


Will my billing cycle change if I move locations?

For any existing subscriptions with CasaOne, there will be no change to the monthly billing cycle. 

Can I extend my term if I’m moving to a new location?

Yes, you can extend your rental term if you’re moving to a new location and you will receive a new lease agreement from us when you do so.  

Can I add furniture to my order when I move to another location?

To add more items, you can place a new and schedule a new order with CasaOne. Delivery fees will apply. 

Can I remove items from my order when I’m moving to another location?

If you’d like CasaOne to take some of your items off your hands, you can schedule a pickup for $299. Just note that items cannot be removed from your lease agreement and monthly payments will continue at the same rate listed in your lease agreement.